Tending to the Roots

Every January and February we close Crashpad Lodges.  Not because of the cold weather or because guests don’t want to stay in the depth of winter. And not because we go on holiday. For 2 months at the start of every year we do a health check on the Lodges and do improvements that we have planned and saved up for from the previous year takings.

As I write we are almost finished ‘tending to the roots’ for the up and coming guests of 2019. ‘tending to the roots’ meaning we are working on making sure that the fabrication and the foundations of the lodges are in tip top condition by getting our hands dirty and doing the work that actually no-one can see.

Every year since we have owned Crashpad Lodges we complete a major piece of building and/or energy system work.  On our list this year is to re-point a wall which receives the wrath of the mountain rain and wind which has driven holes through the lime mortar.  This will be completed when spring has sprung and the weather is warmer. We also plan to finish the completion of our off-grid energy system with the installation of a solar powered water pump system.  Currently our water supply is delivered via a gravity fed pipe which starts 2 miles up Moel Cynghorion. This new system will provide water directly from the stream located at the front of the lodges.  This will be a very exciting moment!

Internally we have invested in 18 brand new beds, changing the configuration so all are not bunks, more singles with a new investment of new bedding and bed linen.

All rooms have a fresh coat of paint, the kitchen unit has had its yearly varnish and all utensils checked over and replenished.  In the last week of February we will treat ourselves to help and employ a local cleaner to do a deep DEEP clean on the lodges all ready for her first guests of 2019.

This year is quite special as it marks the last year of major works and the need for large capital for repairs and improvements.  Since 2014 we have renovated the lodges and tended to its roots – all new kitchen, appliances, bathrooms, windows, brickwork, landscaping, re-fencing and most importantly changed the lodge from being powered by a generator to becoming completely self-sufficient by investing in off grid systems so it can create its own energy and heat.  That’s such an exciting thought as I write.  It almost feels like the building is alive.

Maintenance will still continue as anyone who has an old building will know, it never ends but next year we can focus on more of the ‘visual side’ – artwork, merchandise, more cushions and bits and pieces to further evoke the Crashpad Lodge experience. These bits and pieces are the shoots, the foliage that make the lodge feel alive and even more unique. And the flowers? These are our brilliant guests who come to stay with us because our guests, our fans and followers make Crashpad Lodges truly come into full bloom.

So tend to your roots, get your hands dirty and your flowers and business will surely arrive and bloom.

Another reason we needed to change the water pipes from being gravity fed to solar powered is that Josh was at his wits end.  In winter the pipes were prone to freezing meaning Josh would have to shake the 1 and a half kilometres of pipe to break up the ice.  He would come back blue, cold and hungry, not a very nice Josh.  The pipes were also prone to blockages – the only way sometimes to unblock was for Josh to suck the pipe.  One time (and the last time Josh did this) something popped into his mouth…a huge dead toad.

So understandably Josh cannot wait to finally get the new water system!