Finding your niche

With Crashpad Lodges Josh and I have tried to go against the norm of what is expected. 

Remote lodges, “off - the - grid” accommodation providers, in-fact quite a few of the outdoor centres in the UK are usually thought of as basic, a place to lay your head, paid for per bed and generally cold and unwelcoming places.

When we first acquired the lodge, it was operating as a pay-per-bed bunkhouse. We could’ve kept with the existing business model but we knew we had to do things differently.  We began by carrying on the business as it was – all of our money had gone towards raising mortgages and loans to buy the property so we had nothing left to invest.  We had to do things bit by bit. Small things to begin like hand making the curtains so they fit the odd sized windows correctly, buying new utensils, plates… As the income increased we started improving the building, making it damp proof, refurbishing the original wooden sash windows.  Two new chimneys & a fireplace, new bespoke crafted kitchen, a new bridge…the more bookings we took, the more we could re-invest and the more we could offer our guests.

Next came the big investment – a complete new off grid power system.  Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.  Snowdon must be kept beautiful for generations to come so being powered by a huge generator polluting the mountain air and causing excessive noise wasn’t an option. We saved and saved working other jobs to afford this new state of the art system.

We then stopped charging by bed and changed from being a bunkhouse to a Mountain Lodge which is only bookable by private parties for the whole building.

Week by week, month by month Crashpad was becoming the business we thought it could be.   

We will keep investing and listening to our guests.  What we are trying to do with Crashpad Lodges is to present the best version of what we think is possible.

And we think it could be working…

We believe we have found our niche.

We want to be known as the best place to come and celebrate in Snowdonia.

And do you know what, it’s working.

Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s parties, birthdays, university reunions, family reunions, club meets even a wedding! With Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa ) on our doorstep, Llyn Padarn lake down at the village for paddle boarding, kayaking, Zip World, Bounce Below nearby, there truly is no better place to crash and party.

Crashpad Lodges is an unusual proposition – a warm, inviting accommodation in the most unique setting.

We are the closet accommodation provider to Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa ) with it’s family of mountains for neighbours.

It has magic and sparkle – we are one of a kind. We offer facilities above and beyond the expected.

Awe and wonder – get yourself there with the mountain air and a drink after a hike up Snowdon and you’ll understand!

Crashpad Lodge really is the most perfect host.

Only by moving forward do you sometimes find your unique selling point or niche.  From starting the business to today I never thought we would be helping people to celebrate their most precious moments.

You really do have to go forth and just do.

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