The Autumn Season at Crashpad Lodges and how to spend 4 days in all weather in Snowdonia

Summer 2019 at Crashpad Lodges based from Yr Helfa Fawr has been the best yet with guests enjoying all that Crashpad and Snowdonia has to offer.  The weather has been glorious with our little stream being used by many people to cool down and the BBQ fired up every night.  We’ve made almost all of our energy through Crashpads solar and wind power making us, if I did my calculations correct 91% self sufficient. We were also awarded a 4star rating by Visit Wales topping off the best season ever!

September has arrived with the summer guests along with the amazing weather of 2019 long gone.  Autumn is well underway and we are currently gearing up Crashpad for the season ahead, swapping out summer bedding for winter bedding, deep cleaning the BBQ and getting the lodge ready for fresher days and chillier nights.

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Crashpad Lodges suggestions for a fun filled week in Snowdonia without spending a penny.

One of the best things about visiting North Wales is the amount of fun and free things to do for everyone.  This weeks blog is a list of Crashed Lodges favourite adventures in which all you need is petrol in your car and a picnic.  Leave your wallet and card at home for all these are free and all within a short drive from Crashpad Lodges based in Llanberis.

Watkins Path Pools

A few locals and outdoor enthusiasts know about these pools and they are magical beyond belief. The Watkins Pools are a series of mini waterfalls and pools in which you can slip and slide down from one pool into another. They are deep so great for a bit of a jump and a dive in certain places. The views are amazing as the pools are a little way up the Watkins Path

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The Welsh Escape hosted by Max Strength

Do you need an escape from the city, from your weekly routine?

Do you fancy doing something completely different? Switch off from the modern world, climb a mountain, swim in lakes, eat fantastic food, drinks around the BBQ and make new friends?

Then why not join us for The Welsh Escape, your personal adventure getaway, wellness escape, fitness retreat in a stunningly priceless location this July 22nd - July 25th at Crashpad Lodges.

Hosted by family friend of Crashpad, Max Strength, a personal trainer who specialises in increasing your fitness and wellbeing in the great outdoors as well as leading boutique, group fitness classes in Brighton and Hove.

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Walking up Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon), Wales’ highest mountain.

Last week it was announced in The Times newspaper that according to users of Ordnance Survey’s app mapping system, OS Maps, the busiest 1km2 grid square in Great Britain is to the summit of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon). At at peak times it certainly does get busy, from Crashpad Lodges you can see a colourful rainbow line of walkers making their way up to wales’ highest peak during the day.  When the sunset walkers return back down you can witness the most wonderful lines of lights as the many head torches light the way down.

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Being successful and how Crashpad Lodges is the new Rolls Royce of our time.

Last week I listened to a podcast that spoke about how people are re-defining what success means. According to the podcast success as we know it today is measured by what we wear, what car we drive, how many likes on Instagram we have, the career, the house, being able to multitask and have it all.  The list goes on.  The podcast went onto suggest that the measure of success is starting to change with a noted discomfort surrounding ostentatious spending and displays of wealth. Driven by this new outlook growing amounts of people are moving towards smaller culture laden goods that speak volumes, items with provenance, buying local bread and homemade soaps - once seen as humble products into everyday luxuries. In North Wales small artisans have been doing such that for the example Dinorwig Gin, Purple Moose Ale and Heartland Coffi who are all starting to see rapid success due to this new luxury and shift in mind-set.

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Crashpad Lodge's gastronomic 10-mile tour

One of the many joys of living in North Wales is a very unexpected one, Food. I’ve always known Welsh lamb to be the best in the world but what I wasn’t expecting is actually how good the restaurants, cafes and takeaways would be.  This foodie blog entry came about after a weekend of eating the most incredible food after a family visit to North Wales and so it is my pleasure to share below Crashpad’s favourite eating spots for your next visit to North Wales.

Mafon Cafe

Within walking distance of Crashpad in the village of Llanberis the best coffee for miles around is to be found at Mafon ran by vegan cake and food expert Leah. Every week Leah and her team experiment with different recipes and occasionally hold food nights from around the world, most recently Mexico which was booked out.  Follow the Mafon Instagram to find out what is cooking that day and get yourself down their early before it sells out.

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Tending to the Roots

Every January and February we close Crashpad Lodges.  Not because of the cold weather or because guests don’t want to stay in the depth of winter. And not because we go on holiday. For 2 months at the start of every year we do a health check on the Lodges and do improvements that we have planned and saved up for from the previous year takings.

As I write we are almost finished ‘tending to the roots’ for the up and coming guests of 2019. ‘tending to the roots’ meaning we are working on making sure that the fabrication and the foundations of the lodges are in tip top condition by getting our hands dirty and doing the work that actually no-one can see.

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Taking the plunge...

Have you ever heard about or even tried wild swimming? Think of all the bodies of water you may have walked by, lakes, seas, streams, waterfalls - instead of just walking past would you ever consider taking the plunge and stripping and dipping!

Wild Swimming can be quite addictive and I’ve been told that swimmers find ‘the nip of the water and the zing of a wild swim exhilarating.  Also know as “Open water swimming”  it is classed as a discipline which takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as open oceanslakes, and rivers with more people seem to be “going swimming” but not in traditional indoor swimming pools but in the great outdoors.  Most say this is due to the best selling book “Wild Swimming” by  Kate Rew, also the founder of the “Outdoor Swimming Society”

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Re-Shuffle the Pack

Relaxing by the beach, a cocktail by the pool, room service, it’s the time of year to book your summer holiday.  But what if this year you were to do it different.  What if your holiday didn’t involve a plane but a car trip to North Wales.  North Wales vs the sunny beaches of Kefalonia?! I know it sounds silly but hear me out on this one.

My love of the great outdoors stems from trips to army camp when I was a teenager.  We travelled from our school in the North East of England to the Lakes.  We climbed to the top of a mountain - I had never been so high or seen so far.  Rode mountain bikes across wild terrain and main roads thinking I’d never been so fast or had never had such a sore bottom but laughing the whole way.  Camping with nature in such silence that all I

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Finding your niche

With Crashpad Lodges Josh and I have tried to go against the norm of what is expected. 

Remote lodges, “off - the - grid” accommodation providers, in-fact quite a few of the outdoor centres in the UK are usually thought of as basic, a place to lay your head, paid for per bed and generally cold and unwelcoming places.

When we first acquired the lodge, it was operating as a pay-per-bed bunkhouse generating a good income.  We could’ve kept with the existing business model but we knew we had to do things differently.  We began by carrying on the business as it was – all of our money had gone towards raising mortgages

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Ready for a Challenge?

Llanberis, home to Crashpad Lodges is recognised as the adventure sports capital of Wales and with many people’s new years resolutions to get fit, why not enter one of the amazing sporting events taking place this year.  From the Rat Race, The Scott Snowdonia Trial Marathon to The Brutal Extreme Marathon in September, there is something for everyone with some races for ages 10+.

 As Crashpad Lodges is based at the foothills of Snowdon it is very near the race path for many of these sporting events making it a great base for you and your fellow participants or supporters.  It also makes a great place to stay and watch the event take place if that’s more your idea of fun.  Either way Llanberis is full of energy with a great atmosphere and will leave you with fond memories of North Wales. To find out more about Llanberis and its surrounding areas visit:-

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Every Business Plan is Wrong

As the year comes to a close, one evening this week I decided to sit down with yet another mince pie and look at the business plan Josh and I crafted out in 2014 to see if we had managed to stay with the original premise.

Our original mission statement was to provide “quality accommodation for friends and families in the most wonderful setting from which to enjoy Snowdonia and the surrounding area” This statement has not changed, the bones of our business plan has remained the same. Phew.

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Nadolig Llawen

As Christmas approaches, Crashpad Lodges has had its final clean of 2018 ready for a group of guests arriving for 5 days to celebrate their New Year in the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia.

 I love the run up to Christmas and Christmas day itself but my favourite time is the period between Christmas and New Year.  It’s a time when you can sit back, relax and reflect on the year gone by and make plans and goals for the year ahead.

Last year at Crashpad Lodges we’ve had some great successes and met new and interesting people.  We invested in 2 new low energy

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How to Survive the Quiet Points

A business is like a best friend, a pet, even a loved one.  When it goes quiet you start worrying,  it can get you wondering “what have I done, or what am I doing wrong” and you ask “how can I make this better”

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Escape to the Lodges

Welcome to my first blog post of Escape to the Lodges, tales and tribulations of life at Crashpad Lodges. 

My name is Lynsey and along with Josh we own Yr Helfa, a remote, self-sustained mountain lodge on the slopes of Mount Snowdon, North Wales from which we run our business Crashpad Lodges.

I won’t spend too much time here introducing myself as it’s all in our about page but

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